Our Story

Our lives started very differently to how they are now. Back in 2014 we were a pack of 12 Maltipoos (8 boys and 4 girls) who fund ourselves abandoned in a house.

When we all got rescued from the house, the boys were placed individually in amazing homes and us four girls all got to stay together with our new human parents.

A few years on, some of our adventures are being turned into story books to share with you. We are happy to say our first book got published in December 2019 and for every book we sell, 50% of the profit is being donated to Dogs Trust. We know the money we donate will help contribute to the great work they do.

Our family now consists of 4 Dogs, 2 Cats and a Tortoise and we are living our best lives! We hope you will follow and support us and Dogs Trust through our stories and social media.

Love Nala, Dinky, Britney & Pixie x

Meet Our Family